Maison Jean Monnet

A project of the European Parliament

7 chemin du Vieux Pressoir, Houjarray, 78490 Bazoches sur Guyonne, France.

“Equality is essential in the relationship between peoples. Peace cannot be sustainable if it is based on discrimination.”

Jean Monnet

Discover the life and work of one of the architects of today’s Europe

The Museum-House

It was in this warm and simple home that Jean Monnet spent most of his life after the Second World War, and where many of the momentous plans for the future of France and Europe were developed.

The Monnet-Schuman Method

Devoted to public service, Jean Monnet pursued the same ideal throughout his life: ‘a union among people’. His philosophy was to bring people together around a common goal. As the inspiration behind the European Community project, Monnet was very careful in choosing to work with people who could help to develop and deliver his vision. The ‘Monnet method’ was therefore mainly about getting people together around a table to encourage dialogue and work together to identify solutions to shared problems.